NetCharts Performance Dashboards Desktop

NetCharts Performance Dashboards Desktop 1.0

NetCharts Performance Dashboards is a business intelligence dashboard solution
1.0 (See all)

NetCharts Performance Dashboards (NCPD) is a dynamic, interactive business intelligence dashboard solution that enables agile, rapid data visualization and analysis to help drive better business results.
Designed for the everyday end-user, NCPD allows end-users to create and deploy dashboards quickly and refine them on the fly. And since end-users control design and layout, they rely less on a programmer or IT department. With NCPD, business end-users can visualize and analyze data on their terms—when they want, and how they want. As with all Visual Mining products, NCPD is based on the NetCharts Visualization Architecture that provides a common infrastructure across the NetCharts product line

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